Relay NC users can request directory assistance by asking the relay operator to connect to the Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) directory assistance operator.




Relay NC users can request the retrieval of voice mail or answering machine messages. By typing AMR (an abbreviation for Answering Machine Retrieval) with further instructions or the password, the operator will then ask the Relay NC user to place the phone handset next to the Relay NC user's answering machine while it is on. Once that has been done, the Relay NC user will then return the phone handset to the TTY and type GA. The relay operator will then type the message(s).

Some public pay phones have built-in TTYs. All local calls from TTY payphones are free, but long-distance calls will require your informing the relay operator of how you will pay for the call (calling card, credit card, pre-paid card, or third-party billing). Note that you may be asked for verification or authorization of payment.



Relay NC users can place and receive calls in both English and Spanish to anywhere in the world. To make international calls, Relay NC consumers should call Relay NC at (605) 224-1837.



For emergency calls, DO NOT CALL 711. Instead, dial 911, with your full name, location, and contact information ready. If you call 911 through Relay NC, the relay operator will contact the nearest emergency center, and relay your information.

Relay North Carolina (Relay NC) is funded by a surcharge on landlines and wireless connections in North Carolina and administered by the North Carolina Division of Services for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing.

TTY and Voice Carry-Over (VCO) relay are not compatible with PBX system, VOIP phones or digital landlines; a dedicated landline must be used. While local calls are made at no charge, long distance calls are now available at no charge effective July 1, 2017.

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